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A collection of all teachings by different authors who prayerfully through the help of the Holy Spirit Who is the custodian of the truth provides deep exegesis, explanation and interpretation of various topics in line with biblical standard.


THE BEAUTIFUL NAME OF JESUS Today, I am excited to share with you about the most wonderful name recorded in human history, the name of Jesus. I am excited that you are joining me in this worthwhile journey of exploring what it means to pray to God in the name of...

Yes, I am not a Saint

Oftentimes, I see people get mad because some brother or sister in their fellowship offended them. I notice they were not expecting “saints” to behave in such a way. Their expectancy of the behaviours of their church members is so high that they cannot understand why they would behave in such a manner.


Our Society defines maturity as being able to make decisions independently, scriptures seems to have a contrary view. It defines maturity as conscious dependence.

Out of the Ashes

Let me inform you, that God is an expert in working strength out of weakness, joy and rejoicing out of pain and suffering, boldness out of fear and timidity, wisdom out of foolishness, through the breath and working of the spirit.

Eternal life

I heard a pastor say, if salvation was just a ticket to heaven then once we had accepted Christ as our Savior, we would instantly be taken up to heaven to be with God forever. And this is so true!

Understanding Salvation: The Body

This scripture shows us the beauty of man at the completion of God’s salvation plan. His glory is great, honour and majesty are upon him. I believe God has this picture of Man in mind in this work of salvation.

Understanding Salvation: The Soul

Everything you do, flows from it. Yes! Everything! So if the soul, or let me say the mind is sound, correct, pure the actions produced from a person, would be sound, correct and pure. And if Man needs to be saved, not only does his spirit need to be regenerated, his corrupted mind needs to be renewed.

Understanding Salvation

This article will be in 3 parts, so we can pay the needed attention to each section of how man was saved (the spirit), how he is being saved (the soul) and how he will be saved(the body).

What do you see?

What does the eyes of your mind see? What do you set your focus on? This article addresses that.


Jesus didn’t just die to create a way for us to go God, He made a way for God to come to us. In the Christian faith, we are not just the only one going to God, He also comes to us.


…that those good things we must come into accurate knowledge of are found in us in CHRIST JESUS, not just in OURSELVES but US in CHRIST JESUS. They are the things that were wrought in us at Salvation.


This week, I like to share with you about Rejoicing in a study of Philippians 3 and 4. To rejoice according to the Meriam Webster dictionary simply means to give joy to or gladden or to feel joy or great delight. To have joy is to experience great pleasure or delight....


The Believer is one with Christ because of what Jesus did at the cross. He is described out of that union. We are defined by scriptures. If it says we are men and women of grace, yes we are.