The Word of Truth


Deep exegesis, explanation and interpretation of the topic hereunder is given prayerfully through the help of the Holy Spirit Who is the custodian of the truth in line with biblical standard.

“…But the people that do know their GOD shall be strong, and do exploits. (Daniel 11:32)”

Yes, you attend church services regularly, you sing powerfully well in the choir, ushering members to their seats delights you, doing the works of God gives you joy… what a privilege to be used in the house of God.

Listening to good teaching is wonderful and applying all of it into our daily lives is really life transforming. We do as our Pastor tells us, seriously we follow all their instructions. All of these are wonderful.

Really… Do we actually get to know GOD by all of that? Well for me, I will say NO. Those are supposed to be a product of our knowledge of God, and our quest to know Him More. The Pastors do their best, but they can\’t know GOD for us, they can only give to us what they get from GOD in their place of fellowship with Him (their intimacy with Him).

Jess, a 24 year old lady felt indisposed and decided to go to the hospital, she was diagnosed of malaria. The Doctor prescribed some anti-malaria drugs for her, after taking them Jess got better, more energetic, strong n fit to continue her daily routine. She was so happy that she went back to thank the

Doctor Jane her twin sister also fell ill, she then remembered her sister Jess who was once ill, took some anti malaria drugs and got better. She decided to take the same drugs since it made Jess get better. Unfortunately for Jane, her state of health grew worse as she was not getting any better, despite the facts that she was on drugs. “Anti-malaria”

What could the problem be? Worth pondering on… Jess met with the Doctor.

Jane met with Jess prescription from the Doctor. (Yea, it worked for Jess but it seemed not to work for Jane. The right thing for Jane to do was to have met with the doctor, and then if the doctor prescribed the same drugs for Jane, that would have been fine.)

Do you live a life like Jane, do you bank solely on what your Pastor, Mentor, Discipler, Bishop, Prophets or even your Parents tells you? If your answer is in the affirmative, then you need an attitude adjustment.

Don’t get me wrong God has kept them and given them to us to guide us in the way of the Lord and not to take the place of God in our lives. Let’s build a relationship with the Doctor personally, let’s know God for ourselves.

Paul had this to say…
“…Nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day”.

The depth of conviction for our faith comes from a personal knowing of him. Our Persuasion, with which we can die for comes from the word that God has ministered to our spirit. Although, this words may come through other men but they must have spoken to us directly, such that they becomes stamped upon our spirits.

Know your God and do exploit, for the World earnestly awaits your manifestation.

Written by Helen Olasomisoye

About wordofaletheia

ALETHEIA (truth) is a PLATFORM whereby the truth about the scriptures is taught. Through this platform the church learns Jesus from Jesus himself. It is a school of the spirit where the truth that is able to set free is being taught by the holy-spirit, who is the only custodian of truth.

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