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Deep exegesis, explanation and interpretation of the topic hereunder is given prayerfully through the help of the Holy Spirit Who is the custodian of the truth in line with biblical standard.

This article is considered by me, one of the few articles I have been prompted to write, and that God has continuously kept repeating to me my-self over and over again. I have been learning and am presently learning how to drive this message into my sub-conscious. All through-out the journey of life, we will arrive at points when it all seems not-working, when frustration sets-in and our soul seems weary. Whilst all this points towards the fact that this world isn’t our destination (place of rest), yet there is one thing, I believe God keeps saying to us and it is “Am Supplying You GRACE”. And truly He is. Indeed He is! I wish I can scream that loud at the top of my voice with all seriousness written over and across my face, because I believe that is the same thing God is also trying to say to US. He is Supplying Us Grace. For in our Knowing this lies our strength to overcome every of our challenges. As you read, May the Holy-spirit communicate this message to you also.

“And He said unto me, My Grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness… (2 Cor. 12:9)” 

Man is frail, Man is weak. We don’t have a power of our own and we don’t even have the wisdom to solve many life puzzles. Many times, failure, Sorrows, engulf our hearts, we are confused looking in every direction and asking “Where is God”. Economic Crisis here and there, Health issues, Poverty, No Jobs, and for many for students, academics are sometimes nightmares. The psalmist considered man, and couldn’t make anything of him that he asked “what is man?”

We are faced every now and then with challenges and obstacles, we ask questions not knowing direction, most times we are confused because we have used all our strength and seems things are not working, it seems life is not just fair some times. Now all this shows and proves our in-ability, it shows our need of help. Our need to rely on an outer supply of help. And not just help, timely and constant help.

It is obvious that a fellow man cannot just fill the void for another man’s lack or failure because an empty barrel can’t fill another empty barrel. God is the perfect fill of all the lack we may ever expect. The most interesting part of this is that, God is far more ready to supply this “missing part” (grace) to us than we ever need or than we ever request. Every day he turns out loads of grace to us such that every day becomes “grace-day” for us.

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation” (Ps. 68:19). 

Benefits in the above verse stands for addition, extra, grace, favour etc. and in any area of life we may need it. Now, before we activate this grace in our lives, we must come to acknowledge that God is supplying us this grace. In your academics, you need to acknowledge God is supplying grace for you, to be the best in class, acknowledge it and you see it (Believing is seeing). In your finances acknowledge that God is supplying you grace never to lack, in your relationship, always acknowledge that God is supplying you grace to be the best partner you can be.

As long as we keep acknowledging the availability of this grace, we will keep seeing this grace at work and we will keep seeing God making all things working out for our good. The Key to making exploits by believers is recognizing their weakness and always being conscious of God’s supply of grace per time. Being conscious of this grace helps put this grace to work. It is possible God supplies us grace and we don’t put it to use. Just like it is possible, someone has money in his pocket, and he is starving because he thinks he doesn’t know he has money to buy food.

One way to keep being Conscious of this to keep confessing this. Keep saying it. When problems stare at you. Tell the problem “I have grace”. While you are at school, work say it “I have grace”. Keep saying it “there is grace” or say “God is supplying me grace”. When it seems you are confused or confounded say it again “I have grace”. Your body or mind may not feel like saying it, it may seem hard to say but say it “I have grace” “God is supplying me grace”. Keep confessing it and you will see it.

“You only have I known of all the families of the earth: … (Amos 3:2)”

God’s direction of grace to you alone is as though you are the only one on earth. Like though He doesn’t have any-other thing to do except to supply you grace. It is as though you are the only child He has. His focus is on you and you and you alone as though you are the only student in that class, like as though you are the only person that needs help financially, like you are the only married man, like you are the only person seeking admission or looking for a Job. He keeps supplying YOU grace. Heaven’s attention is on you.

“I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you (John 14:18)” 

Sometimes it’s easy, to read the bible, and accuse the children of Israel for not trusting God at some specific times of their journey, but we don’t really look at our-selves and notice we aren’t doing so too.  Paul cried out to God to remove an infirmity from Him, and all God could say was “Am supplying you grace”. Many times we cry to God, and what God is saying to us also is “Am supplying you Grace”. We need to trust Him, for by trusting Him, can we enjoy His grace and come into His rest.

But Remember, to put this grace to effect we need to acknowledge it. Keep acknowledging this grace daily and see yourself live a victorious life.

I call you blessed.
Written by Afolabi Samson

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ALETHEIA (truth) is a PLATFORM whereby the truth about the scriptures is taught. Through this platform the church learns Jesus from Jesus himself. It is a school of the spirit where the truth that is able to set free is being taught by the holy-spirit, who is the only custodian of truth.

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